Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Retzer Erlebniskeller (Adventure Cellar in Retz)

What is the temperature in the Retzer Erlebniskeller?
The temperature in the Retzer Erlebniskeller is a constant 10°-12° all year round. We advise you to wear warm clothing or bring a jacket. We do have a small number of blankets on hand just in case you need one.

How many steps are there in the Erlebniskeller?
The Retzer Erlebniskeller is a historical wine cellar and is therefore not without barriers. There is a total of about 300 steps along the way. The cellar is therefore not suitable for wheel chairs or strollers.

Where is the exact meeting place for the tour of the Erlebniskeller?
Tickets are sold at the Tourismusinfobüro at Hauptplatz 30. We ask our guests to purchase the tickets at least 15 minutes before the tour. The meeting place is directly opposite the Tourismusinfobüro at the Rathaus (city hall).

Are there restrooms in the Erlebniskeller?
Public restrooms including a toilette for disabled are directly at the meeting place of the Erlebnistour (next to the tower of the Rathaus) In the cellar itself there are no restrooms.

Can the Erlebniskeller be visited without a tour?
The Erlebniskeller can only be visited with a guided tour.

Are there tours in foreign languages?
For groups of 15 or more we also offer tours of the Erlebniskeller in English and Czech if you give advanced notice. Individual guests at the regular tours can borrow an audio guide free of charge from the tourist office.

How many persons are required for a special tour?
For groups of 15 or more you can book your own tour outside of the regular times offered.

May dogs be taken on the tour?
Generally, they may, but only on a leash and with a muzzle.

Is the Erlebniskeller narrow or otherwise unsuitable for people with claustrophobia?
The narrowest place is at the beginning of the steps (about 1.5 meter in width), other parts of the cellar vault passages are generously built.

Is there a short-term parking area on the Hauptplatz?
On the Hauptplatz there is short-term parking from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday from 8am-12am free of charge for 2 hours. We ask our guests to set the arrival time on their short-term parking clocks (also available at the tourist office. Parking areas surrounding the Hauptplatz are limited to 1.5 hours.

Are there other parking possibilities?
Long-term parking areas are situated outside the core of the city at the train station, in the Kremserstraße, Wallstraße, Windmühlgasse, etc.

How is the arrival by bus regulated?
Buses are allowed to drive up to the public transportation stop when entering through the Wienerstraße and must leave the Hauptplatz through the Kremserstraße. There are parking possibilities for buses in the Wallstraße, the Kirchenstraße near the Volksschule and in the Park &Ride area at the train station.